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Yıldız Technical University

Yıldız Technical University, which was founded in 1911, is one of the most important educational institutions of our country as R&D University with 11 faculties, 2 institutes, 3 colleges, fully equipped Central Laboratory, Technopark. Yıldız Technical University, which has nearly 3000 academic and administrative staff and more than 40.000 students, aims to research and question the scientific, technological, economic, social and cultural development of the society with a scientific approach for education, research and human needs, and with global studies in a peaceful environment. aims to raise qualified individuals who can access information, solve problems, produce and spread projects that provide added value. In recent years, as in the rest of the world, importance is given to innovative research in social areas at YTU. In this context, in addition to its contribution to technological development, it has implemented "Social Innovation Application and Research Center (Sociopark)" and "Art and Design Application and Research Center (Satpark)" in order to contribute to the problems in social areas. Thus, the scientists, students and all stakeholders at the University continue their innovation activities in the technical, social and artistic fields, which are the three basic elements of civilization, under the roofs of Technopark, Sociopark and Satpark. The Information Technologies and Cyber Security Research Center offers a suitable environment for both national and international scientists to conduct academic studies and publications to work in the field of cyber security. In addition to all these efforts, our University ensures that all its stakeholders, from disabled to visitors, as well as students, academicians, administrative and technical staff, work in a healthy and safe environment. Yıldız Technical University's goal is to become a nationally pioneering, internationally competitive university that contributes to the development of the country, plays a role in solving the problems in the world, and has innovative and proactive new generation equipment and competencies suitable for the digital age

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