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Smíchovská střední průmyslová škola

Smíchovská střední průmyslová škola is a successful secondary industrial school in Prague with a long tradition. The school was founded in 1901 and currently educates more than 600 pupils from Prague and Central Bohemia. It prepares pupils for further study or work in two very popular fields - Information Technology and Technical Lyceum. Information Technology: Focuses on elements of ICT - hardware, software, computer networks, CAD systems, multimedia, programming, operating systems, cyber security. Students are acquainted with related technical subjects and are prepared to solve complex problems. Technical Lyceum: The emphasis is on the general knowledge that extends further on ICT and science subjects. English language is taught in both disciplines; technical lyceum also offers a second language - German. In addition to their own learning, pupils are also involved in other events such as cooperation with other schools, companies, or international projects. Here they can gain valuable experience from the practical use of their knowledge and skills, self-sustaining and creative approach to problem solving. In the past, the school has received support from EU projects (OPPA, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus +, OPVVV). It annually asks for support of its above standard activities of the Prague City Hall (competitions, creation of additional study materials, cooperation with other entities).

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