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Eu&Pro was established in 2017 with the purpose of supporting VET, education of young people through non-formal education as well as empowering adults key competencies in line with the lifelong learning aspect. The institution has been operating in the field of VET, youth, school and adult education. Eu&Pro has started to develop successful projects since 2017. Thanks to these projects, Eu&Pro expand its scope of workspace and gained its corporate identity. Eu&Pro takes part in dozens of projects, mostly in the VET field, every year and welcomes hundreds of participants to Prague. Empowering VET staff and learners with non-formal education is the main purpose of these projects. Today, Eu&Pro has more than two hundred partnership agreements across Europe in the field of VTE, youth education, school education and adult education. In addition, Eu&Pro develops joint programs with universities, municipalities, NGOs, etc. Eu&Pro is expert to develop non-formal and informal training materials thanks to having requirements of VET, youth and adult education. Eu&Pro has more than 15 certified-educators and more than 20 specialist educators. In this way, Eu&Pro is expanding its business network with increasing momentum

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