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Stucom SA

STUCOM was founded in 1980 in Barcelona. It provides training on Higher Education, VET training in: Marketing , Business Administration, general IT, Robotics, Web design , Commerce , Adult Education and training for unemployed people. STUCOM also gives training in companies and online training their students with its e-learning platform. It has more than 1000 students and a staff of 60 teachers plus 50 youth volunteers that collaborate with its youth association, STUCOM follows the UNE-EN-ISO 9001/2008 quality protocols and it is an ISO Organisation . In addition it belongs to "CISCO network systems". It is also a “Microsoft Academy" and a “Cambridge Examiner Centre". STUCOM has been involved in EU projects for 21 years and a priority of the school is to focus on projects that deal with innovation and technologies ( Apps , Virtual learning , Robotics, Augmented Reality ) and STEM STUCOM also trains its students in social values because they are key points to be citizens of the world, that is why STUCOM is "UNESCO School" and collaborates with this organisation and with "The Vicente Ferrer Foundation" in carrying out campaigns and activities to help the most disadvantaged social groups, including, people with economic difficulties, refugees and immigrants . In its international cooperation project STUCOM thrives to give to students horizontal skills like entrepreneurship, autonomy, self management and a European dimension. This benefit is drawn onto the teachers and trainers, management and students and youth volunteers who have now all claimed ownership of the internationalisation strategy of the school.

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