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About E-VET

Digital technologies are one of the most important sources of growth for national economies. They enable economies to create more jobs, improve people's lives and build better and greener societies. Digital technologies help to totally reshape value chains, sharpen market intelligence, improve efficiency, reduce time-to-market and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, with the aid of technology, SMEs can now go global from day one, reaching overseas markets and talent pools instantly. 

Aim of the Project

The project mainly aims to create a digital entrepreneurial culture of ICT students by improving the image of digital entrepreneurs and promote their role in society. In this way, it is targeted that to adapt vocational education and training according to labour market needs.

Project Topics and Objectives


Digital content, technologies and practices


Cooperation between educational institutions and business


Entrepreneurial learning - entrepreneurship education

Specific Objectives

1- Increasing the quantity and quality of digital entrepreneurial skills and talent of ICT students.

2-  Developing an entrepreneurial mind-set and promoting ICT entrepreneurship among ICT Students. 


3- Provide VET teachers with the necessary knowledge about digital start-ups and SMEs, starting business, cross-sectoral opportunities with ICT industry.

4- Easing the access of ICT entrepreneurs to finance and enhance investments.

Target Groups

1- NGOs and Busıness Clusters

2- VET Institutions and VET Centers

3- VET Staff in ICT Field

4- SMEs

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